MobileSMS for Palm OS

SMS managament tool

MobileSMS is a SMS (Short Message Service) management tool. With the help of MobileSMS, you can easily edit short messages on the PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), and then send them to your friends through GSM mobile phones.

The functions of MobileSMS are message management, message downloading, message templates management, dialing and phonebook uploading.

The features are listed in detail as follows:

  • User-friendly interface. (very easy to use)
  • Supports Sony CLIE JogDial and Palm 5-way navigator.
  • Supports most infrared enabled GSM mobile phones without an extra setting.
  • Supports infrared, direct cable and Bluetooth connection modes.
  • Formatting of phone numbers automatically.
  • Supports message group sending.
  • "Sending status" window indicates each steps of sending operations.
  • Supports Flash SMS.
  • Supports SMS status reporting.
  • Messages can be stored onto mobile phone; you can send it out from mobile phone directly any time.
  • Supports message templates management.
  • Supports message management.
  • Supports message downloading.
  • Messages can be deleted automatically from mobile phone after downloading.
  • Supports message signature.
  • Supports options to show or hide private phonebook.
  • Supports dialing. Dialing can be invoked easily by "Press (2 seconds) and release" on the number.
  • Supports phonebook uploading to mobile phone.
  • The desktop messages editor can export message database out to a CSV (comma-separated values) format file.
  • Supports Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
  • Convert messages between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese automatically.

Comprehensive and popular SMS manager for Palm.

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